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Gift Certificate

Price: $100



Price: $50



Moose Mug

Price: $20






Gnome Vase

Price: $24







Gnome Plate

Price: $30



Gnome Bowl

Price: $23



Gnome Mug

Price: $24


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Dream Stars

Price: $39.95

We all have dreams, wishes and desires. Some of us have forgotten them! We can remember them and master the process of making our dreams come true! These 22 handmade clay stars imprinted with words of inspiration, direction and assistance, can assist in making dreams a reality. A scroll is included with an explanation of each of the Dream Star words.

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Thank Your Lucky Stars!

Price: $19.95


Appreciation and gratitude are essential to our personal growth and progress towards inner, family and global peace. Expand the gratitude in your world by expressing it with these twelve stars! Just give thanks for a gift in your life as you drop a star in the pot. Use ‘thank your lucky stars’ in your daily practice, at the family dinner table, or to begin or end a meeting.

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“I AM” Cards

Price: $24

“I AM” Cards Remember your true essence with these 48 messages, packaged in a 4.25” x 3” zippered coin pouch for travel ease. Take them with you and choose a card when you need to empower yourself ! Cards are 1” squares.


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Individual Stars

Price: $2.25

Select from a wide range of words or e-mail for a custom name or word.



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Thrown on the wheel, The Cup “Invites warmth and comfort, symbolizes seeking, and reminds us to receive.



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Heart Bowls

Price: $16


Blank Greeting Cards


1) Centering- Stillness Amidst Movement

Price: $3.95


2) Shaping – The Expression of Spirit

Price: $3.95


3) Opening – To possibilities

Price: $3.95


4) Lifting – Movement Toward a Vision

Price: $3.95

“Create” Blank Card

Price: $3.95

“Clay Alchemy” Blank Card

Price: $3.95