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Somatic Breathwork

How we breathe is indicative of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Over time, especially in a culture that perceives life as a competition or battle for survival, we unconsciously shut the breath down due to too much stress and  trauma.

Breathwork, a ritual of awareness, allows the body to let go of what it has been storing or holding on to, creating space for movement, energy, and life to thrive.

If you have ever felt shut down or stuck, breathwork can help you understand the root cause. By “breathing into” chronic patterns or pain you oxygenate the body and activate chi,  helping to move the energy which is keeping you stuck.

A breathwork session includes an in depth conversation and time to breathe. When you breathe you are either sitting up in a back jack or lying on a mat on the floor depending on the needs of the client. The ultimate goal is an open, healthy breath. The breathwork session is a way to re-teach the body what it has forgotten. We may start with some techniques to strengthen mindfulness or use a circular breath to activate chi. (Our normal breathing pattern has a pause after inhale and exhale. A circular breath eliminates the pauses).

Seven sessions (one session a month) are recommended to experience long lasting, life changing results.

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My Role…

As a Breathwork facilitator my role is to be compassionately present with your  needs to help you recognize your true essence. Breathwork is not religious or dogmatic. I do not teach “the way” or any particular way; nor do I offer analysis as a psychotherapist or counselor might. My role is to provide guidance and support as you uncover your own answers and connect to a more authentic sense of self. In facilitating your process I’ll use multiple tools including mindfulness, the work of Byron Katie, and intention exercises. Ultimately though, this is your journey and you are the authority in deciding your path.

My Background…

My personal 15 year journey of seeking has ultimately brought me home to the Heart Center. During these years I have explored many modalities, gained certification in Reiki, Spiritual Mentoring, and Somatic Breathwork and am working on an MA in Transpersonal Studies. I have also been married,  divorced, have two children, have built a successful pottery business and feel that my life experiences have empowered me to lovingly foster awareness and actualization in others.

Mentor/Mentee Responsibilities

Be aware that a Breathwork session requires 100% responsibility on both our parts. As a Loving Presence I will journey by your side and guide you, yet I cannot travel for you. Nor am I responsible for “fixing” what might feel broken. Because of my commitment to integrity and boundaries you will experience a safe and nurturing environment in which to express yourself through your healing journey.


Sessions run 2-3 hours. They begin at the scheduled time. I am available, Mondays, Tuesday afternoons and some evenings.


I generally schedule my appointments two to four weeks in advance. Therefore, except for emergencies, a schedule appointment is a commitment that is to be kept. Appointments missed or cancelled less than one week before the scheduled time will be charged and billed to the client accordingly. Subsequent sessions may not be scheduled until prior commitments have been fulfilled.

Fee Schedule…

Effective Jan. 1, 2014: First sessions are generally 3 hours in length and are charged at a flat rate of $200. Follow-up sessions are generally 2 hours and are charged at a rate of $75 per hour. Payment is expected in full at the time of the appointment. Post-dated checks will not be accepted unless a prior verbal agreement has been made, and then only for a maximum of two weeks later than the session. All returned checks shall incur a $10 processing fee.


Generally, I can be reached by e-mail Monday through Friday and by phone on Mondays and Tuesdays. Every attempt will be made to return e-mails or phone calls within a 24-hour period. I am willing to answer or be available for straightforward questions, but conversations that require more in depth consideration will require an appointment. Phone sessions are available at a rate of $60 per hour, payable by credit card charged the day of the session (unless prior arrangements have been made).


As we begin our work together we will be setting an intention as well as creating some goals. Some clients find what they’re looking for in one session, others choose to work over several consecutively, while there are those who take breaks between sessions to process and integrate.


$200 for 3 hours (first session only)

$75 per hour follow up sessions (typically 2 hours)