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Clay Consultations

Engaging with clay is a tactile, somatic experience. When you throw on the wheel the whole body is engaged.  It slows us down and asks us to be aware of our impact. As a result the mind focuses on the present, especially on the pressure the hands apply.

Clay is the earth, assisting with grounding and a relationship with the body. It brings us into relationship with the four elements, earth, air , fire and water and transforms us as we transform it.

Any art form can engage the mind in a meditative way but clay itself is therapeutic. It has a negative ionic charge, absorbing (and adsorbing) positively charged ions like heavy metals and environmental toxins out of the body through the skin. Clay is a very powerful, energetic tool. It is a living organism that naturally strives to change and transform. This energy can be utilized in many different ways. On the body it can be used to detoxify heavy metals and chemicals, exfoliate the skin, tighten pours and reinvigorate the body. As a pliable organism that can assume any form, it can be shaped into whatever is needed to work through emotional upheaval or to create new pathways for healing. Clay can also be used to develop skills such as, hand and eye skills, balancing and centering skills, as well as help quiet the mind.

A clay consultation is an in-depth conversation about physical, emotional or spiritual concerns followed by a course of action to help facilitate change, growth or simply, movement. The unique perspective and life situation of each individual determines each consultation. Following our conversation l make recommendations with clay remedies and the clay needed to implement them!

Consultations can be done in person or via phone.

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