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Community Breathe

What is Breathwork?

April 22nd 3-5pm

From major hurricanes, to hydrogen bombs exploding, to weather changes and unreliable communication; there is so much shifting. What can one person do? Well, we can strengthen our resolve not to be part of the craziness and allow the changes to flow through our lives. We can let go of how we think things ‘should be’, get into community and connect,  and be the change we want to see in the world. Come get some grounding and stress relief.

Are you breathing an open, healthy breath? Most people are not. Understand how memories get stuck in the cells of the body and hold us back. Learn a few simple techniques to use daily for relaxation and stress relief.

The Powerful Benefits of Correct Breathing:

*Eliminates tension, anxiety and stressDSC_4652
*Improves mental clarity
*Helps you sleep better*Makes you a happier person
*Gives you more energy
*Helps to manage pain
*Connects you to your spirit

You will learn in as little as 5 minutes a day how Breathwork can quickly improve your everyday life:
*De-stress after a hard day at work
*Boost your energy
*Keeps you in the present
*Relax and fall asleep

And, if practiced regularly breathing may improve many health issues, restore emotional balance and help you stay connected to your spirit.

Come into circle, experience the power of the breath and go home renewed!


Breathwork helped me work through my fears, which allowed me to move forward on a major life decision. Wendy is compassionate and insightful, and I felt very comfortable working with her. She taught me so much about being in the present and listening to my heart. ~ H.C.

Wendy Walter is a brilliant teacher. When I first came to see her, I felt timid and stuck in my life. Her Breathwork sessions helped me release fears that had been trapped in my body for years, holding me back. With my newfound freedom and empowerment, I found the love of my life, moved across the country, got married, and started my own business. I can’t thank Wendy enough. – C.W.

Price: $25