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Adult Clay Classes



Clay Cafe

Creativity in Community: Your alternative to boredom, bars and blues.
A night out of fun and creativity. Come laugh and play with clay!

Create the project of the night or whatever you like with clay – or try the potter’s wheel!
There will be coffee, tea and some treats to eat…… and tunes! Bring wine if you prefer.

“We humans weren’t born to exist, we weren’t born to run, we were born to have fun. Because when we’re having fun, we infect others with the possibility virus and inspire them to do wonderful things and live wonderful lives.” –  Dr. Nick Bayliss

So how about you go fun yourself, infect others with the possibility virus, and live happily ever laughter?

2nd Saturday of the Month – Price: $35
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Throwing On The Wheel For Adults

Always been curious about what it feels like to throw on the wheel? Already have some experience and looking to push forward? This six week session includes a 25lb of clay, glazes and firings, and 6 hours of open studio time to come in and practice on your own. It is great for beginners and an opportunity for those with experience to delve into their own style more deeply.

Six sessions of class are available for 2017. When you register, send an e-mail indicating which session you are registering for. Please note, make up classes are not offered, so be sure you can attend all classes or are okay with missing one. All classes are held in the evening, 6:30-8:30 pm.

There is room for 6 participants in each session which means classes sell out quickly. Register early!

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Clay As Medicine

The transformation of clay into a piece of pottery is likened to the work of the alchemists who searched for a way to transform base metals into gold. The process of transformation is the focus in this class. We will work with clay spontaneously and witness as it transforms, how we transform; learn about clay’s impact on the body and soul, and taste edible clay.

April 17th 6:30-8:30

Price: $65

Mother's Day Family Fun

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Innate Vitality

Are you slowing down and feeling like there is an energy leak? Wondering where that spark went? Look past the idea of weight loss or self-improvement and come into an undeniable friendship and love with your body and soul! You deserve it.

Tap into your innate vitality through clay, movement and meditation.

Get hands on instructions and experience working with clay

  • Take home 4 complete pots

  • Experience a movement practice

  • Discover or develop a daily meditation practice

This class is 5 sessions and $250 per student Meeting once a week from 7-9:30 on Wednesdays

Start date : May 17th

End date: June 14th

Price: $250